Many people have come to me over the past three years asking how did I initially loss my weight. I decided after numerous hospital visits and stays for health related issues due to my weight, I decided to go ahead with having the sleeve surgery.  What many people do not realize, this is just a tool to assist you with losing the weight. You still must watch what you eat and exercise. I kind of fell off this year and gained over 30 lbs. back.  I wanted to create a group as I go through this journey again to share the things that worked for me before and start forum that we can have to keep us motivated.  During this journey, I really realized how vital it is to clean eat. I had more energy and the weight came off effortlessly.  I have worked in the health care/human service field for over 20+ years helping individuals in many different ways.  I wanted to help individuals reach their optimal goal for being totally healthy with their mind, body and soul. I started to get request from family members and friends to assist with meal preparation and the clean eating diet plan that I have created.  At the present time I am studying to be a certified health coach and very much looking forward to take my national certification. I would like to take the skills I gain to make permanent lifestyle changes in everyone I work with.   I don't just want this webpage to just be about losing weight but also to encourage us to make other changes with our mind, body and soul.  
Skiny Mika Healthy Eating offers meal preparation for entrees (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), smoothies which are pre-prepared mason jars or in blender kits and Mason jar salads.  We do make meals made to order by special request.  Orders are taken up until 5 pm on Friday and will be delivered to your home or workplace by Monday.  Return customers may reuse the jars from their original purchase and will receive a $1.00 off for each jar refilled. Orders can be placed by the following methods:
By Phone:  734-752-9682
By Website:  www.skinymikahealthyeatin.com
The local areas we cover at the present time: Metro Detroit and Downriver area.  We only delievery for orders over $25.00.  We can also ship your items to you.  
If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will refund your money in full for your purchase.  You will need to contact Skiny Mika within the first 12 hours of purchase to receive a refund. Thank you and look forward to serving you.
Peace and Love!!!
Team Skiny Mika
  1. Famika Edmond
    Famika Edmond
    Famika has struggled with her weight for over 20+ years and over the last three years learned that clean eating has been the answer with her weight loss. Famika's mission is to provide a healthy choice in foods for individuals who don't have the time to cook. She presently is working on her national certification for health coaching.